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Style Me Vintage, Clothes is  my first book, into which I poured my heart and soul, and pretty much everything in my head.  How do you write a step by step guide to getting dressed? Well you can’t really, and that was not my aim. Style Me Vintage Clothes is one half 60 years of WEARABLE looks which you can emulate or mix and match, one half all my tricks and tips. I am a firm believer in choosing your own style, so please, have read through and be inspired to come up with you own version of a look. It’s not a history book but it is peppered with relevant historical influences on fashion. The second part of the book contains all my shopping secrets and tips, plus mini guides to swimwear and underwear. I have also listed my favourite vintage blogs and websites and on-line shops. I am also really proud that 90% of the models are my best friends or family, including all of the Vintage Mafia. If you are at the start of a journey into the world of non mainstream fashion then this book is for you. Enjoy, and please feel free to let me know what you think

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Style Me Vintage Accessories, A Guide to Collectable Hats, Gloves, Bags, Shoes, Costume Jewellery & More
will be published by Pavillion in September 2014. Pre order a copy here to get the Amazon price guarantee.

Style Me Vintage Accessories is a slightly different kettle of fish. Organised by topic rather than era it provides not only and accurate guide to era specific accessories but also collecting and styling tips from us and also from some very exciting experts. This is a joint project between myself and fashion historian (and cover girl!) Liz Tregenza.


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Style Me Vintage Look Book contains Clothes, Hair and Make-up and costs the same as buying only two of those books. Great for presents.

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